Moscow Jewish Community Center

Moscow Jewish Community Center

Moscow, 2nd Vysheslavtsev Lane, 5a

Moscow community center and synagogue in the Marina Roscha, which is a rather unique structure, perhaps unique in the world... 7200 square meters of beautiful spacious rooms. Prayer hall for 2 000 seats and is for worship, and for celebrations, meetings with the Centre the guests - statesmen of various countries, well-known actors and writers - famous Jews of Russia.

In the cozy concert hall of the Amphitheatre are performances of theater and music groups, club meetings Creative meetings, various evening entertainment, intellectual games, has always attracted young people. Open MEOTS unique library, internet cafe, art gallery ... From morning until late evening classes in sports and exercise rooms. In many classrooms work different clubs and societies, learn languages, Jewish history and tradition. It is impossible to list the names of all the programs that are offered for adults and children.

In MEOTse has a mikveh for men and women, open a kosher restaurant and a dairy coffee shop, where visitors can meet with friends, have family parties and weddings. For more than 100,000 parishioners MEOTS has become a second home. People attracts hearty atmosphere of unity, friendship and peace of mind.


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