Constructor Club

Constructor Club

Moscow, Kutuzov Ave., 12/1

Constructor - a new concert hall for 1000 people in the developing cluster in the Badaevskie brewery. Musical concept - good sound, advanced electronics, present and, most importantly, live shows and performances.

Maps on iPhone and navigators necessarily fail: the actual address of the "designer" - Kutuzovsky Prospekt, but really need to go to the embankment of Taras Shevchenko, the territory Badaevsky brewery. And, bypassing the checkpoint with a barrier, about half a minute to walk toward the new club, opens in a promising, but still not particularly lived-cluster.

From the neon-drenched dressing dive into the darkness of the main hall: here a bar, dance floor, stage. Her justifying the name of the place are going to move in a space that at one point or the other. Dark walls covered with the same dark sound-absorbing material, which in the light of the stroboscope generates intricate pattern - it is likely to soon be expected in all instagramah city. Through the slot machine gun in one of the walls on the dance floor will be playing a DJ.


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