Children's Variety Theatre

Children's Variety Theatre

Moscow, Baumanskaya Str., 32s1

Moscow Children's Variety Theatre is a smithy of the stars for nearly three decades. Among the theater Polina Gagarina students Svetikova Svetlana, Elena Perova, Valery Lansky, Olga Litvinova Marina Vaynbrand (Sokolovsky), Olga Kozina "Lucky" - singer of the group "Virus", the actress theater "Contemporary" Anna Levanova and others. From the walls came a popular trio Theatre "Lyceum". Graduates work in the ensemble Igor Moiseyev dance, "Moscow operetta" Moscow Art Theatre. Chekhov's contemporaries and other creative collectives.

Children's theater pop "up" from the group "Children's World", which was founded by the composer Valentin Ovsyannikov in 1985. Gradually it became a Moscow children's theater stage. After opening, the theater immediately released premiere - musical performance "Top-top: the first steps."

Since 2007, the theater is equipped with the most advanced in equipment building metro Bauman. The whole cycle of production of theatrical and entertainment - from studio recording to production and performances rolled their video and audio versions concentrated in one place. Big stage allows you to create a full-scale musical productions. Nowhere in Moscow there is such a unique educational and industrial base!

When the theater is a children's art school, where children from 4 to 16 years. The original method of training and professionalism of teachers allows students to achieve maximum creative results in the short term. An individual approach to each child, and basic academic knowledge of theatrical disciplines allow children to work in a variety of musical genres - from folk songs and ballads to jazz and rock.


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