Jazz club «Kino»

Jazz club «Kino»

Moscow, Olympic Ave., 16, p. 1

If avoided in our revue false modesty, it should immediately be noted: - (!) Restaurants clubs, which, like our "Cinema", now nearly twenty years maintained a high level of guest service, not so much.

Open in 1995, thanks to the creativity and organizational talent PA Pozhigajlo with the participation of Dmitry Kharatyan, Yuri Moroz and Marina Levtova, the club has been and remains one of the most preferred places of communication theater artists, film and stage. Talking about the past of the club "Cinema", one can not forget the wonderful creative skits, club days, on which shone known and loved by all artists.

Tradition - and the value of the word refers to the club special attention - survived to this day. A little change of emphasis: club days today - it's performances of famous jazz musicians Sharon Clark, Oleg Kireev, Mariam, Vadim Eylenkriga, Levan Lomidze. Jazz direction of the club "Cinema" one of the last successful innovations.


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