House of Culture Chaika

House of Culture Chaika

Moscow, pr. Budennogo, 14

House of Culture Chaika - Moscow's oldest institution of culture, which is connected with the lives of several generations of enterprise Salyut and East County residents.

For some House of Culture Chaika  - a meeting with their youth, memories of friends on the creative teams of the festive evening, wonderful concerts, discos, pioneer training camp ... For others - it is a creative process, the development of artistic qualities, exciting moments of performances on the stage, the opportunity to realize their creative potential.

House of Culture Chaika with great joy that opens its doors to all who wish to join the values ​​of culture and art, and tries to create for them a good atmosphere, comfort, warmth! What would you do, would not work in any field - come to create, to bring their ideas and dreams!


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