Taganka Theater

Taganka Theater

Moscow, Zemlyanoy Val str., 76/21

One of the most well-known outside the country of the Russian theater. graduates Shchukin School was founded in 1964 and opened the show, Yuri Lyubimov, "The Good Person of Szechwan" at the time overshadowed all that exists. Instantly Taganka became the intellectual Mecca: here Vysotsky played Hamlet recited the sixties, worked here a great set designer David Borovsky and composer Vladimir Martynov.

In 1980, after the departure of Lyubimov abroad, there was a split of the theater - so the neighborhood appeared dubious institution: "Commonwealth of Taganka actors". After returning Lyubimov Theater nearly 15 years continued to work actively, celebrate anniversaries and receive awards and medals, until there was another scandal and internal demonstrative withdrawal from the director of the theater.

At the beginning of its existence at the Taganka Theater in setting performances have not been used decorations and curtains. It was innovation in a theatrical environment and has attracted a lot of curious onlookers as well as attracting and daring ideas, the use of song, dance, and even in pantomime performances.


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