Central House Of Actors

Central House Of Actors

Moscow, Arbat str., 35

Central House of the actor was organized by Alexander M. Eskin in 1937 as a club acting as a place of relaxation and informal socializing theater people. Over the years, the House of the actor has become a center for the creative intelligentsia, performing a tremendous job in professional and social support of the theater employees.

Living Theatre House actor works not only in the European cultural centers. Its address can be found in the Russian hinterland. Every year there are festivals of Russian theaters, combining acting community of the vast country in the framework of the project "Arbat meeting."

The life of an actor from the first steps to artistic maturity is the focus of the House. Monthly scene veterans assisted - financial and creative. In the House of the actor are numerous clubs and groups on the professional interests.

Especially popular among the actors are "Acting gatherings", organized Chernovskaya uniting actors from different theaters. This is a classic skit by "for their" acting in a relaxed atmosphere of the club.


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