Theatre «No signs»

Theatre «No signs»

Moscow, Zoe and Alexander kosmodemyanskiy str., 31/2

Theatre "No Signs", probably should be called a private acting school. Every actor, drawing on the traditions of the Russian theater, develops, already Vakhtangov, different forms of existence of the actor on the stage. Different emotions, roles, styles, genres, and playing the beginning of poetic prose speech. The theater puts on man's relation with his second "I", creative, theatrical.

The peculiarity of the theater "no signs" that a non-profit company. Group romantic idealist holds professional directing, art light, design costumes and scenery, without government subsidies - HR. Actors salary in the theater there. Proceeds from performances go on new productions. However, they are the true benefactors who support the idea of ​​the romantic life of the theater.

Theatre "No Signs" - family theater. Each of the performances can watch the audience of any age, any social stratum. Theatre as a modest strength helps those who can not afford to buy expensive tickets.


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