Cultural centre «DOM»

Cultural centre «DOM»

Moscow, Bolshoi Ovchinnikovsky per., 24/4

The activities of the Cultural Center DOM occupies in the cultural space of the Russian special place, lying virtually idle in the field of real culture.

Activities of the DOM assembles at one site artists, photographers, designers, writers and poets, dancers, filmmakers, theater personalities, new composers and musicians engaged in electro and new improvised music, sound-poets, artists 'world' music, folk musicians and singers and performance -artistov.

Center DOM was established in May 1999, on the basis of the Moscow House of amateur creativity as organizational and creative association of musicians, artists, writers, artists, journalists and curators, who set themselves the task of comprehensive dissemination and development of the new art: poetry and prose, modern dance , avant-garde and silent film, video art, photography, painting and installations, advanced design, new theater, the old and new improvised music throughout the range of its modern forms: academic and experimental, acoustic and electronic, folk and philharmonic. House was a natural transformation and the transition to new forms of activities of concert agency "Agency", which has been successfully operated in the same socio-cultural field since 1987.


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