Theatre «At Nikitsky gate»

Theatre «At Nikitsky gate»

Moscow, Bolshaya Nikitskaya st., 23/14/9

Theater Nikitsky Gate based playwright and director Mark Rozovskimv 1983. Since its inception, theater has come a long way to improving and to this day. Rich, different genres, and a truly unique repertoire organically combines philosophical parables and musicals, poetry performances and comedy, drama and tragicomedy. Conceptually, all this diversity combine the ideas of psychological theater and humanity.

Today, the theater is more than 40 performances. Among them is like having a big theatrical history and ongoing success with audiences and new productions on the most notable phenomena of modern prose. Over 33 years of existence, there was a magnificent ensemble cast.

Theatre has participated in many theater festivals in Russia and abroad. Unchanged notices are accompanied by performances on the main stage, and on tours throughout the country and abroad. In recent years, the theater was in Germany, USA, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Poland, Latvia, Slovakia, Israel, France, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Canada, Korea.


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