Theatre «School of dramatic art»

Theatre «School of dramatic art»

Moscow, street Sretenka, 19

Theatre "School of Dramatic Art" opened on February 24, 1987 premiere of the play "Six Characters in Search of an Author" by Luigi Pirandello, directed by Anatoly Vasiliev. This performance for a generation has become a kind of artistic manifesto, the revelation of a new theater - a living, filled with improvisation - which will later be called a game, in contrast to the traditional, psychological. The founder of the "School of Dramatic Art" has offered the actors, the audience throughout the theater community with a unique artistic model:

Theatre-Lab concept, in contrast to the repertory theater - is focusing on the search for and research, with the possibility of permanent experiment. The unity of practice and study the nature of dramatic art realized in the laboratory performances, as well as in large-scale productions.

Today, the "School of Dramatic Art" is not unparalleled creative organism that possesses a unique expertise and experience, developing the best traditions of the Russian stage, running from the Stanislavski, and opens up new ways of theater.


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