Central House Of Workers Of Art

Central House Of Workers Of Art

Moscow, st. Cannon, 9/6, b. 1

The spiritual life of several generations of creative intelligentsia linked to this House. Over the decades of its existence, it has accumulated its own traditions, has found and confirmed its unique characteristics, its own style. This unique center of creative intelligentsia was initiated by the People's Commissar of Education Lunacharsky supported by the central committee of the trade union of workers of art and culture.

The main activities were defined at once: creative communication arts figures that give strength, enriching each; show new plays, concerts, movies, creative reports, the evening of masters of arts and creative young people, the search and bold experiment, meaningful leisure time. And at the same time - a great educational activity: the promotion of art, introduction to him the greatest possible number of people. Lecturers and university culture, travel concert brigades across the country from the Black Sea to Kamchatka.


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