SK «Olympiyskiy»

SK «Olympiyskiy»

Moscow, Olympic Ave, 16с1

"Olympic" - a unique multifunctional sports and entertainment facility is Russia, which is considered the tourist attraction of Moscow. It was built for the XXII Moscow Olympic Games in 1980 and it was on July 19 - the opening day of the Olympic Games in the capital - became the official birthday of the complex. The history of "Olympic."

"Olympic" is composed of two main buildings - the stadium and the swimming pool. Since the construction of the present day "Olympic" is the largest indoor sports facility in Europe, and at the opening he had no equal in the world. It is the only sports and entertainment complex of this magnitude, located in close proximity to the historical center of Moscow (near the "Prospekt Mira" metro station).

The central arena "Olympic" can accommodate more than 30 000 spectators. It has the dimensions of a standard football field. Its distinctive feature is the possibility to divide the room into two autonomous parts, in which activities can be carried out simultaneously. On the central stage of SC "Olympic" concerts of the most popular artists of the world and Russia, festivals, sports tournaments (including winter sports), concerts and circus performances, exhibitions, corporate events and conferences.


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