Palace of Sports «Dynamo» in Krylatskoye

Palace of Sports «Dynamo» in Krylatskoye

Moscow, Ostrovnaya str., 7

"Dynamo Sports Palace Krylatskoye" built in 2006. The complex is a universal arena for training and competitions in team sports. From a distance it looks like a flying saucer has landed - all massive dome of glass and concrete, like a giant mushroom cap, hides a real basketball realm.

The total area is 35 thousand square meters. At the very core of a four-Sport Palace - the central arena surrounded by grandstands for 5000 spectators, special lifts for wheelchair users, easy stairs and catwalks to quickly fill the stands. Two wide plasma screens for transmitting lineups and accounts placed for basketball shields, and under a dome on a special lift is a cube from multiple screens to broadcast the games, videos, wallpapers.

The hall is equipped with the latest technology, it has the most modern equipment, lighting and sound. There are facilities for directing consoles, television commentator cabins.


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