Triumphal square

Triumphal square

Moscow, triumphal square

Rare street in Moscow can boast such a rich and at the same time a controversial story. Judge for yourself, once Triumph Square was one of the main places in the First Throne. Through her, the city drove foreign guests and senior officials from St Petersburg. It also held military parades and the coronation of the monarchs. And the name of something which - Arc. So, something great and grand.

But over time, the area has become a popular place for those who openly or not so opposes the current government, but simply put, of opposition. It began back in the middle of the last century. Then the young people gathered near the Mayakovsky monument and read poems prohibited.

The modern name of the area received in 1992. More recently held a large-scale reconstruction of the area, after which the lion's share of the territory has become pedestrian. And on the perimeter of the square are several iconic buildings - the hotel "Beijing", Satire Theatre, the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall, as well as the main offices of the Moscow Committee for Architecture and the news agency Interfax.


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