Boyarskiye Palaty STD RF

Boyarskiye Palaty STD RF

Moscow, Strastnoy Boulevard, 10

"Boyar Chamber Theatre Union of Russia" - a new space for creativity, which is located in the building of the Union of theatrical figures of Russia in the center of Moscow. It is a modern loft, where they do the young filmmakers, artists, designers, composers. In the ancient ascetic space with brick arches and vaults are played modern productions, performances and art projects. There is no usual for traditional theater stage, and the audience after the play action pass from one space to another.

In addition to performances in "Boyarskikh wards Theatre Union of Russia" held a meeting with leading figures of the Russian and foreign theater, workshops on directing, the presentation of theatrical events, exhibitions of artists and designers, concerts and much more, in short, all that will be interesting to everyone which seeks to discover contemporary art.


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