House-Museum of Yermolova

House-Museum of Yermolova

Moscow, Tverskoy Boulevard, 11

The museum is located in a mansion of the XVIII century, where great tragic actress MN Yermolov lived from 1889 to 1928. Since May 15, 1970 in several rooms of the house is a museum-apartment MN Yermolova where things were stored daughter MN Yermolova - MN Zelenin. On the basis of these materials was created House Museum MN Yermolova, which opened in 1986.

The exposition of the house-museum tells the story of the world of theater in Moscow of the XIX century., About the history of life, MN Yermolova from childhood and education in theater school to the top of the roles that the audience remembered until the end of their days. Spacious, quiet rooms in which remained unique interiors and original things owners keep cozy atmosphere of the Moscow life of the late XIX century. Living room, dining room, bedroom hostess and host an office, a prominent lawyer NP Shubinsky, it sustained in a unified manner, in them a sense of dignity style and culture of a past age.

The White Hall Memorial Museum hosts music concerts, recitals, plays, theater meetings.


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