The Russian academic youth theatre

The Russian academic youth theatre

Moscow, Teatralnaya square, 2

RAYT is a theater for all generations. Inheriting the traditions of the Central Children's Theater and preserving the accumulated experience, RAYT is at the center of the modern theatrical process, boldly experimenting with new forms and theatrical genres.

RAYT is a serious classical and modern literature for spectators of different ages. In the repertoire of the theater performances on the works of A.P. Chekhov, Victor Rozov and Yevgeny Klyuyev, Moliere and Thomas Mann, Eugene O'Neill and Daniel Kies, Timur Kibirov, Lyudmila Ulitskaya and Boris Akunin.

RAYT is a place that opens new names of the domestic theater. Georgy Tovstonogov, Anatoly Efros, Oleg Efremov, Pyotr Fomenko started here. Today, performances of Yuri Yeremin, Vladimir Bogatyrev, Mindaugas Karbauskis, Marina Brusnikina, Yuri Grymov, Ekaterina Granitova, Sergei Aldonin are on stage. And of course, Alexei Borodin, who, in collaboration with the artist Stanislav Benediktov, creates that atmosphere and sets the artistic level that distinguishes the Youth Theater.

RAYT is a theater of academic traditions, intellectual and artistic pursuits, democratic and beloved by spectators of different ages. A distinctive feature of RAYT today is a lively reaction to what is happening in the theater and in society, its openness to its viewers, its unique atmosphere, which is felt by every stepped-in threshold of the historic building on the Theater Square.


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