Higher school of performing arts

Higher school of performing arts

Moscow, street Sheremetevskaya, 6/2

The educational theater of the Higher School of Performing Arts is a very cozy space, capable of changing depending on the stage decision of a performance, equipped with the latest technology, saturated with light and sound equipment, with the richest possibilities for solving the most complex artistic tasks.

The system of moving levels of the segments of the floor allows you to have spectators in a variety of ways, based on the requirements of the stage directors. One wall of the theater can be fully opened onto the street, into the square, which provides additional opportunities for scenic effects. Under the premises of the Educational Theater, one floor below, there are workshops of theater workshops capable of creating scenery, costumes and props for any performance on the stage. It is carpentry, locksmith, sewing, sham shop, laundry, etc.

Thus, our educational scene can work as an independent, fully equipped, highly professional small theater. It seats 150 spectators, and we hope that the theater-goers of Moscow will love the cozy atmosphere of our new home and the performances that are going on there. Come to our educational theater!


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