Sokolniki park

Sokolniki park

Moscow, Sokolnicheskiy Val street, 1, building 1

Sokolniki Park is a unique site. It's no secret that our park is the oldest in Moscow and one of the largest in Europe. Several centuries ago Sokolniki was considered a royal resting place, later the park became the property of the people.

The period of 2012 -2014 was associated with large-scale projects for the reconstruction and repair of facilities. The foundation of the modern park was laid. The format of events and services allowed to consolidate the image of the main family park in Moscow. "Sokolniki" became a reference point for other park areas of the city. An important stepping stone for completed projects is the ability to park in a small financing to grow at the expense of extra-budgetary funds.

In 2015, the new park site launched, loyalty program for regular visitors who completed a competition to develop the key elements of "Sokolniki" park style. One of the main notable changes was the opening of a new input group. From January 2015 on July 2016 repaired and put into operation 13 new facilities were comfortable and beautiful recreation areas near the water.


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